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Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

" Let's get your marketing moving "

In general, cost has always been a major concern of every business whether it is small business or large multinational business. Hereby, they look for optimal way of reducing the cost incurred while performing the required business activities. Online marketing is one of them and Dynamite Dreamz can help you develop the tactics for that. It's easier to start a business online even without spending more. All you have to do is to make optimal use of search engine optimization and get higher rankings by bringing quality passage to the website. As every E-Commerce business does not have the capability to pay large advertising budgets, so it is good to know that PPC exists. Dynamite Dreamz 's PPC management team will work within your budget and determine the right strategy to achieve maximum ROI by driving the right kind of traffic to your website.

How does PPC process work?

When we run PPC campaign it includes two phases:

The Setup Phase:

  • Develop a social media strategy for your brand
  • Identify the right social media platforms
  • Conceptualize, develop and execute a social media campaign
  • Monitor your social media campaign and work on modifications, based on the results

The Optimization & Maintenance Phase:

  • Identify the best keywords & campaigns
  • Expand keywords on top performing ads
  • Ignore keywords that are not converting well
  • Tweak and revise ads

Our PPC management services at Dynamite Dreamz include:

Extensive keyword
and industry research:

The research team has access to the keyword phrases that your competitors are spending the majority of their marketing of their marketing budgets on. This enables us to identify high performing words to add to your campaign. The process continues each week as we add more long-tailed and core keyword phrases to the campaign.

Landing page

There is a one common mistake that most of the businesses make in regard to PPC marketing that is which web page they send to the traffic. We create landing pages that are specific to each keyword set. Each page focuses around the conversation of the sale and capturing key information about the prospect. Captured emails are drop into auto responder and newsletter campaign. This normal engagement combination can increase the ROI of a campaign.

Bidding strategies

Many firms will spend $5000+ on non-converting keywords. Our advanced strategies remove non performers and replace them with those that do. This daily process is run by our experienced PPC professionals. In addition, for direct and indirect search, we customize these keyword set with search engine. This allows us to decrease your effective cost per click while maintaining your bid rank.